Katharine Murta Adams

Designer, Illustrator & Visual Alchemist

I love to tell stories. Visual stories. Compelling stories. Your stories.

I also love to ingest large amounts of coffee and I have a habit of collecting dogs.

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What I can do for you

I am an accomplished and skilled creative professional, capable of weaving together design, motion, and illustration to deliver visually striking and user-friendly solutions to better enhance your brand, generate leads and captivate your customers.

I can help you with:

I am also a Web and UX Designer and if you would like to see those case studies, click here.

Selected projects

The following projects are curated from a wide range of various marketing deliverables, spanning years of working in-house as a Visual Designer and as a Digital Illustrator for various clients.


"I was a graphic design client of Katy for several years at Farmers. Working with Katy was an enjoyable process because she was professional, prompt and organized. She was a good communicator that provided regular updates and sought out creative feedback from her clients. She's a skilled designer and regularly would provide options that were based on feedback and then often entirely new ideas for us to react to and consider. I believe she would be a tremendous asset for next team and make her clients completely satisfied."
John Chisholm, Former Sponsorship Director, Farmers Insurance
"Katy Adams was a kick ass designer. Her talent for developing innovative concepts on-time, executing those concepts with phenomenal art, and delivering a finished project to the engineering group was inspirational. It was a pleasure to work with her."
Bob Nyman, IT and Virtualization Consultant
"Katy and I teamed up on a bunch of different projects for many years. She is an amazing hardworking professional, a talented and knowledgeable creative designer, who never stops learning - new software, evolving trends, better processes. And even more, she’s been a great team player - both supportive and encouraging for other colleagues. Always a pleasure to work with."
Tatiana Khmilinina, Senior Creative and UX Designer, Farmers Insurance
"I recommend Katharine for any team or project that values creative problem solving, strong communication skills, and a fearless attitude. During our time at Farmers, she was not afraid to speak out and advocate for what she believes is right. Her enthusiasm for learning and growing is infectious, inspiring those around her to constantly strive for improvement."
Katie M. Woodin, Former UX Designer, Business Insurance, Farmers Insurance
"Katy has an incredible thirst for knowledge that is nothing short of amazing. Katy doesn't stop learning and growing her skillset. She takes courses on her free time and reads everything and anything she can get her hands on. This educational quest makes Katy a huge asset to any organization. She never settles and always wants to reach for higher goals improving her work even more. Katy is an incredibly skilled illustrator, designer, and artist, and any team would be lucky to have her."
Lauren Cohen Kwiatek, Design Manager and Social Media Manager, Farmers Insurance

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